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Corporate Sponsorship:

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Junior League Tallahassee


-Michelle Morris
-Tim Tyler
-Greg Stump – Pixel Life Photography
-Candice Stump – Pixel Life Photography
DC3 Photography
-David Cone – Ave One Photography
-Peggy Smith
-Shana Beiro – Shana Beiro Photography
-Stacy Ferris
-Rebecca Weldon – Woodland Fields Portraits
-Leigh Ann Clark

“How to do I become a partner?”

If you would like to help children find homes, help the Heart Gallery.

 Donate your time:

Heart Gallery Big Bend can use volunteers at community events. In addition, there are several community-based organizations in this area that could use help from qualified adults that are willing to make a commitment and help the children.

Make a Financial Donation:

Heart Gallery Big Bend needs support from individuals and businesses to fund the costs of producing and promoting the Heart Gallery. For each $100 that is donated, we are able to add another child to the gallery and pay for mounting costs. If you are an individual and would like to donate money, or if you are a business and can donate money or an in-kind service, please contact us.
The HEART GALLERY needs a new display that will make it easier for us to display children and also less expensive to print and change out portraits. Please help us raise the funds we need!